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The Home Distillation Handbook, by Ola Norrman, describes how to make alcoholic spirit at home. Possibly the best book ever written on the subject, it describes in detail how you can make your own spirits.

NOTE: This process is illegal in some countries, as is even the construction of a distillation apparatus following the drawings in the book. The information given in the book is not intended to encourage the manufacture of alcohol! It is however, information that can be read in all democratic countries.

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Home Distillation Handbook in PDF format (for PCs) Distill zip.

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Home Distillation Handbook in PDF format (for MACs)


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1. Download the Home Distillation Handbook, which is available for both MACs and PCs and is about one megabyte in size. It has 93 pages, including many drawings and photos.

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3. When online payment process is done (approx. 1 minute), you will get your password directly on your screen. You can then either read the book on your screen, or print it out. The book is available for both MACs and PCs and is about one megabyte in size: 93 pages including many drawings and photos.

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1. Download The Home Distillation Handbook.

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Bokforlaget Exakt, Box 50336, S-202 13 - Malmoe, Sweden, and include your fax number or e-mail adress.

When we have received payment you will receive the code word that unlocks your file. You can then either read the book on your screen, or print it out. The book is available for both MACs and PCs and is about one megabyte in size: 93 pages including many drawings and photos.

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If you want free updates please type your e-mail address on the password page after purchasing the book. You can also do this later on the "free updates" page.

The following instructions are specifically for PCs. We have very few problems with MACs. If you have problems with these instructions, go back and start again.

  1. Choose file for PC.
  2. Click on the file and download to your temp or download folder (or another folder of your choice).
  3. Start PKZIP, choose open in the file menu; find the downloaded file distill, click on it and select open. Some computers do this by themselves when you click on
  4. Then select open or extract files from the unzip menu.
  5. Give your password (case-sensitive) and click OK.
  6. Unzip will now decrypt the PDF file.
  7. Start Acrobat Reader 3 or higher if PKZIP has not already done this for you.
  8. Only Acrobat Reader Version 3 or higher will "read" the file. Make sure you have upgraded to Version 3 or higher.
  9. Choose open from the file menu, find the file, click on it, then click open. The book should open, and you can read it on the screen or print it out.


Check that you have PKZIP to expand and decrypt the file. Your computer may select WinZip for you, but it does not work. You can download PKZIP from this page.

You must use PKZIP twice, first to expand the zip file to a PDF file, and second to decrypt the PDF file.

Your PC will select Acrobat Reader 1 or 2 if it has them. They do not work. Check that you have Acrobat Reader 3 or 4 or higher, otherwise click link on this page to download. You must use Acrobat Reader, not Microsoft Word or similar software. They cannot read PDF files.

Check that you do not have an old password and that you have downloaded a new file. Password is case sensitive and changes often. If it does not work, mail to info@home-distillation, give your most recent password, and you will either get the latest password or help in opening the file.

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Other problems, send an e-mail message to: info@home-distillation. Please consider the time zone, we mainly answer during Swedish working hours, Monday - Friday.