Downloading the PersonalPublisher Evaluation Version

Thanks for your interest in PersonalPublisher!

PersonalPublisher requires Windows 2000, 9x, or NT running the full version of Adobe Acrobat 4.0 (not just Acrobat Reader). Double-click the file fosetup.exe once you have downloaded it to your system, then follow the prompts through installation. For instructions once you have installed, launch PersonalPublisher through the Start>Programs menu, and the PDF manual will automatically appear in the PersonalPublisher window.

If you have additional questions which are not answered by the manual or readme files, please post your inquiry to the PersonalPublisher E-Group (you must subscribe to the list in order to post).

Happy with PersonalPublisher? How to Buy

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PersonalPublisher Evaluation Version for Windows (650KB)

PersonalPublisher ReadMe File (you may want to review this while downloading)

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