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Book Installation information

99% of the few installation problems is the same; Adobe Acrobat Reader 4 or higher was not installed. Check now that you have Acrobat Reader 4 or 5 installed by selecting Search from the start menu and search for Acrobat. If it is not there, download it here and install it first.

Here is the book installation process in detail.
After payment you end up on a download page (and get an identical mail) with instructions. Simply follow those instructions.

1. Click on the download link you and download the book to a folder of your choice. Click on Save in the download box, accept or choose destination and click Save again.

2 After download, click on Open in the dialog box or directly on the .exe file to install the book.

3. A dialog box appears. Copy your Order Id (a string of upper case letters) from the mail and paste (or write) it into the dialog box "Enter OrderID" field.

4. Push the connect button (you must be connected to the Internet) and you will get the message "Internet connection completed"

5. The book will now be autorized, click OK to validate and finish the installation.

6. The book will now open. If it does not, open Acrobat Reader and open the book from there.

The book is licenced to one computer only. It will not work in another computer and a copy of the file can not be read in another computer. The book is connected to the identity of your computer. If you change hard drive in your computer, we will athorize the book for a new installation.

If something goes wrong - how to fix it

Installation fails:
Check that you are connected to the Internet
so the on-line autorization works. Firewalls and proxys can be set so they stops an autirization. Turn of your firewall during autorization if needed.
If nothing works, contact us for a email autorization.

You have the (not free) Adobe Acrobat suite software on your PC and after installation Acrobat is opened and can not read the file. Close Acrobat, open Acrobat Reader 4 or higher and then open the file from Acrobat Reader.

After installation Acrobat Reader 3 opens (because it is default for your acrobat files) and can not open the book. Close Acrobat Reader 3 and open Acrobat Reader 4 or higher and open the book from there.

If you've tried to open a PDF document and got a message saying the "FOPN_fLock" plug-in is not available, you can download the plug-in here. and put it in your Acrobat Reader folder.

Problems that are hard to explain. Restart your computer (this use to help with many problems).

Dialog tells that installation failed but you are in doubt. Try to open the book from inside Acrobat Reader 4 or higher, installation may have worked anyway.

If you have the (not free) software Adobe Acrobat you can get a failure message but it work anyway. Close Acrobat, open Acrobat Reader 4 or higher and open the book from there.

If you have any problem, please send an email.